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Instagram Q & A!

How often do you take photos? Do you do batch shoots in one day?
Everyone has different ways, but my way is that if it's a brand photo then I will take it on that day or the next day so that it's ready for the deadline but sometimes I will do batch photos and just take a bunch of photos to post during the week so I wouldn't have to worry. Personally I would also do batch shoots because you wont be stressed out on what to post during a busy week.
What are your top three favorite feeds at the moment?
Everyone is killing it right now but my top three would have to be, @livv.gracee, @harleymilann and @themeganedit. I've picked these three because of the incredible content they create and I always feel so inspired!
Favorite thing about Instagram?
I feel like it has to be how you can express yourself and who you are on the platform and not be judged. Everyone is so supportive with the content that you create and everyone always gets involved in giveaway and in your post. You&#…

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